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Oct 02, 2020
Hi, Hello!

Welcome and thank you for visiting this webstore and read our blog! I want to introduce myself, I am Sekar Puti Sidhiawati, artist behind ARTA DERAU studio.

I learn ceramic from 2006 and officially got hooked and intensely working with ceramic material since 2009. In 2017, i've got rare opportunity to develop my studio in Bali. I moved in 2018 along with my husband, Agugn prabowo and our two little kiddie bugs to Tegallalang, Gianyar area near Ubud. this is the space as i am now writing this. The beautiful picture below are taken by talented photographer, Sharon Angelia when she and her team from Pithecantropus visit my studio in 2018.

Amidst working as an artist who run this particular ceramic studio, i do making artworks and exhibited nationwide and worldwide. for my works, you can catch it on this Gallery in Sydney, 16Albermerle, and my works when it's got exhibited there in here. or you can simply follow my instagram for my works. As my works getting acknowledge, my studio also getting pumped with the new collections and new ideas, not mention always research and developing new techniques and probability. Oh, the possibilities in making ceramic, both utilitarian and art, are limitless, but in the same time, it is limited on developing one and only material; ceramic. I need the urge to working with another ceramicist and Ricko is a good friend of mine since we are in the same school back then in Bandung. Ricko approach are mostly wheel throwing, and mine are more tactile and hand built. nonetheless, i want to create something more representable but still handmade at the same time. this photos of rainbow vase i think is one of our approach to meet in the middle. it will be available soon in our web store.

Despite making a team who work making and produce ceramics, i need another person who really passionate to tell all information to our customers and doing our schedule and sorting our orders, Reni is a local girl who have passion for crafty things and anything handmade. She is keen to sewing and anything homey. if you happen to chat ARTA DERAU in instagram or Whatsapps, most probably you are texting with her. this is Reni with our collaboration necklace with Labdagatic, a handmade jewellery from threads and beads, and also our eyes ceramics. soon will available in our web store.

I think that's a wrap for introduction of my Studio called ARTA DERAU. I literally can not do it without my partenr, my husband, and my small team. See you in our next blog post. I will try my best to keep in touch at least one post a month so you will feel our joy and fun in doing our process and of course, your order :). have a great weekend!

xoxo, -Puti